Ridger Wolfie

Two World Cross at Day's Break

As I drive towards the Sunrise, to catch up to the coming day.
I make my way home to see,
if you have waited for me,
like the night waiting for the cometh of the day.

I can only wait to see,
what new splendor it will bring.
To only hold you in my arms once more,
as the approaching daylight begins leaving the sky torn.

Like the burden we have of our own,
from our 2 different worlds where we were grown.
Making us alienated from each other inside,
taking our emotions on this ride.

But I continue to drive to the approaching day,
where I will wait for you at our borders to say,
no matter how much you hurt and push me away,
just as the night does to the day,
I will still lay here on this bed and wait,
for your time to come and see the bait,
for you to follow the trail I wanted you see
that you are the only one for me.

Ridger Wolfie

the Infinite Loop

I had an interesting call today.  They weren’t able to get out to the internet and most of the machines were displaying Limited or No Connectivity. To get out to the internet was sketchy, sporadic. When I plugged my laptop into the Router directly, it worked fine.

So I rebooted the Router because it looked like the Router wasn’t assigning IP Address to the computers and the switch. I also went around and shutdown all the PC and unplugged a Second Switch that I found.  Well, at that point, the PCs were coming up on the network and getting on the internet slowly. I was powering back up PCs and that second switch at this point. The internet was slow though with delays, and when I did an IP release/renew, it failed on my PC. So I shut down a few PCs, and went back and looked. So I checked out that second switch, I looked at what was plugged into it. I traced the things back, only found 1 PC plugged into it but I found the problem.

Someone plugged both ends of the patch cable into the switch, so the switch was creating a loop effect preventing the PCs from getting address and on the net. So the moment I unplugged it, it was fixed. Go Figure. Something that stupid.

Ridger Wolfie

Quotes from Friends

I was hanging out with my buddy same last week and he mentioned something funny. We were going out to the car and he asked me if i could drive. i said sure, i was planning on it. He said Good, because we will get there faster if you drive, and i like the sporty way you drive. I chuckled.

I was driving back with my buddy Drake from AC, we were going by some State Game lands. He make a comment, "Boy, i wouldn't want to be in there and someone pull a Cheney". I laughed, I never tought about it but its beautifully funny and so true.
Ridger Wolfie

the Nights in DC

You can sooo tell when the Sun goes down in Washington DC, all the police and ambulance sirens start going off.

Its really annoying when you have the windows open during this nice 74 degree weather trying to watch a movie and that’s all you hear every 5 minutes. But when the Sun is up, that’s not a problem, its quiet as can be. Go figure.

When the freaks come out at night, mwhahahahaha.

Ridger Wolfie

Here Your Sign...

Well, i am talking to my other half today and they told me they were to a job interview today. i was "Cool, for what?. They said, a job.

I was just like DUH.....
Ridger Wolfie

Snow Shit

if snow could crap then i would says that it took a shit all over my car.

This is an epiphany I had today with all the road salt all over my car. I just got it washed on Friday and Monday got it all messy again. oh well, ya can't win them all.

Ridger Wolfie

(no subject)

She walked this way for a reason, but you can't remember why. Maybe its because the way the street lights glowed a little differently that she felt to walk through this block instead of the next block? Maybe the way the trees looked, their tall majeticness just spoke to her making her smile? Whatever the reason maybe, it was the way to go tonight.

This park always spoke with its own voice to me, i could never understand why. Through it, it was my escape, my way to get away, the place where I could feel that i was lost someplace far away where i could never be disturbed but another soul. A place where mother nature and myself could relax together with our own tea party for 2.
Ridger Wolfie

(no subject)

When you walk down the street, down the long chilly night, what do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? Do you feel yourself being alone, or empty, or lost? Do you feel that there is always something out there to get you? Do you feel your not alone, but in a bad way? Do you feel that darkness creeping up on you, eerily hiding in the shadows, trailing you? It walks as you walk, sounds merge as one as you hear nothing different from your own. Then all at once, it overwhelms you, it takes control and eats your insides, consumes you, punishes you. "Why?", you scream as you try to look to the sky.

Why indeed is the question we ask ourselves everyday. To Why and to Why Not is the underlying of most questions asked to wonder why things happen. They happen because then can, they must, they have to according to the pre-assessed guidelines set by someone before. Why indeed is the truth but the answer is never what you expect it to be.

If the answer was a determinable number, then would that be easy for everyone to find or would that just raise more answers again to the why? The knowing of why it overwhelms you is not known as of that time, Maybe the darkness needs you, maybe you need it, maybe you just need something to love and to hold onto and it is what caught you first. You try to fight it, you truly do, but in the end, you let it overwhelm you and take you there, to that dark place that you call home.

Ridger Wolfie

does they feel the same?

Well, its weird lately. I have met someone that i do like. We connect on multiple levels and seem to get along extremely well. They are single but yet they aren't looking for a relationship too much. They want to have a completely open relationship when they are in one which i am perfectly ok with. But i think my problem or question is that do they feel the same?
I have been getting some mixed signals from this person. I will throw out the random question and i get the most interesting results back. Yes, for me being a forward person and yet not asking them is a little weird for me. Maybe because i like them that much that i don't want to jeopardize the friendship we already have by going down that road. I do care for them and about them.

They are responcible, sincere, honest, forward, caring and giving. We have same taste in music, appreshate each other works, snuggles and scritches. But what is the truth beyond that. For once, i am afraid to ask because i don't want to hurt something that is already so good, i respect the person too much to want to put them in a awkward position. Maybe i don't know the person well enough to make that a possibility. Maybe things are too open there, not enough known to say "Hey, you want to go out on a real date?"/ Yeah, emoless Dragons.